Digital KiniArt Pet Portrait


Your KiniArt digital pet portrait will be created referencing your photo(s), using art-making apps on an iPad to hand-draw & color my unique version of your pet.  You will receive an internet-quality image of the portrait prepared for you to share on your social media accounts. If you choose to also “Add-a-Print” to your purchase, you’ll receive an artist signed 5×5” print of your portrait. See the art images in this listing for samples of my digital Petcature™️ portrait art.

If you want me to draw multiple pets in one artwork, you’ll need to add the 1-Pet Portrait to you cart, first, then come back & select the “Add-A-Pet” option, adding that to your cart until the number of “add-a-pet”s reflected in the cart matches the # of pets you want me to include in the single artwork. If you want 3 individual separate pet portraits, you would add the 1-Pet Portrait to your cart 3 times.

Receipt of payment (and of course, receipt of reference photos) is what secures your portrait’s placement on my schedule.  I will contact you with a request & instructions for sending me your reference photo(s) once I receive your order.

If you’re purchasing a portrait as a gift, Gift Certificates are available if your ordered portrait is a gift and you would like the recipient to be able to choose their own reference photos

COPYRIGHTS: Artist retains all copyright to all works.  You are ordering only the art print & the small, web-quality digital image of your pet’s portrait for non-advertising social media sharing, only. Your purchase does not include any copyrights nor reproduction rights, whatsoever. The portrait is for your personal enjoyment only to include sharing on your personal social media accounts. It cannot be used as a logo or image to promote any organization, entity, business, product, nor service other than those offered by my KiniArt™️ company.  If you wish to have the custom art on KiniArt products such as stickers, labels, mugs, phone cases, apparel, greeting cards, home décor, etc., contact me to discuss these options. I do not offer any public  reproduction prints of your portrait art to other KiniArt collectors without your permission.

Additional information

Weight 4.00 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 0.16 in
Digital Pet Portrait

1-Pet Digital Portrait, Add-a-Pet-to-your-Portrait, Add-a-PRINT-(5×5”)-of-Your-Portrait