About The Artist

Contemporary PUP Artist, Surface Designer, and Author / Illustrator, Kim Niles

About the Artist

Contemporary PUP Artist, Surface Designer, Children’s Book Illustrator and Author, Kim Niles has been a working Artist since 1998. Kim designs for a wide variety of products featuring her unique whimsical animal art for KiniArt™ licensees as well as for her own online shops: Apparel, fabrics, home decor, housewares, stationery, jewelry, electronics cases, gift wrap, wallpaper, and more for KiniArt™, a US company. (more…)

Kim Niles KiniArt

COVID-19: Under order from the Governor, we are staying home to stay safe. What this means for KiniArt collectors is that USA ORDERS are shipped out twice per month until further notice. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS require face-to-face contact with postal clerks so these orders are held until our Governor lifts the stay-home order. You can order eGift Certificates here. You can also still shop my KiniArt Licensed Manufactures’ Print-On-Demand stores. (You’ll find links to those shops HERE )