Hidden Dragons Rock Art


One of a kind, original Whidbey Island beach stone painting.
Title: Hidden Dragons Beach Stone Art
Size: 1-3/16”(H) x 1-5/8”(W) x 2-1/2”(L)
Media: Acrylic & ink on beach stone

Copyright : © Kim Niles, KiniArt™ – All Rights Reserved

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Hidden Dragons
One of a kind, original Whidbey Island beach stone painting

Choosing a rock according to the size needed, they eat away the inside, using their strong sharp teeth and claws. Hidden Dragons are fairly harmless, keeping to themselves, and living on a diet of minerals, salt and water, (and they feed themselves!). They are very loyal pets and will not stray, so they can be kept in or outdoors.

Adult Dragons can be difficult to find, as they are wise to the fact that they are collectable, but young dragons are fearless, often independent as newborns, making them excellent pets for young children. Occasionally, entire families can be found living together, and when kept together, they adapt to their new surroundings with ease.

It is believed by the residents of Whidbey Island, that the young dragons are quite playful and particularly enjoy playing with, and biting fishing lines, much to the dismay of local fishermen.  Some adoptive families have even reported suspected practical jokes from their young dragons, (hiding keys, the remote control, etc.), though this has not yet been proven.

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