KiniArt Designed Face Masks

With Zazzle lending their manufacturing lines to cloth mask-making, I’m designing some fun KiniArt masks. My royalty on these is the bare minimum so these have been designed to brighten up this newly required accessory, not for profit. I view my time designing these as volunteered/donated time well spent. There are already some masks out there being promoted on social media that use my art illegally (These thieves also falsely claim their masks are N95 – They are not!).

The Zazzle KiniArt shop is the only place you’ll find authentic professionally manufactured masks for sale featuring my art. Since I sell KiniArt fabric at Spoonflower, you may also see sellers on Etsy, etc. offering handmade/hand-sewn masks made of my fabric – Those are fine, too. If you are looking for FUN KiniArt face masks then shopping my zazzle shop, ordering handmade masks made of official KiniArt fabric, (or order the fabric from my Spoonflower offerings to make them yourself) are the only legit ways to get them.

9 Replies to “KiniArt Designed Face Masks”

    1. Iris, I’m so deeply sorry for your heartbreak! You’ll find all of the KiniArt westie masks available so far, in my Zazzle KiniArt shop HERE

  1. Would love Westie face mask(s). How do I see what you have & order? Nice to see you again here. Just got some kiniart checks ❣️

    1. Beth, It’s nice to see you here again, too. You’ll find all the KiniArt Westie design masks available so far in my KiniArt Zazzle shop, HERE.

  2. Love your designs! Have you any doxie masks? I can’t find any masks on the UK site.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Sorry for my delayed reply. I have Doxie masks in line to be reviewed so they can be sold in my Zazzle shop but are not yet approved. I’ll post a comment to you here with the link to them on the UK site as soon as they’re available.

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