Doggy Fun Play House

Before COVID-19 caused states to shut down all non-essential businesses, Luka was gleefully going to doggy daycare 3x a week. This was a necessary splurge for me because Luka is a high energy pup with NO safe fenced in area to run and NO doggy friends to play with at home. So 3 days a week, he’d get to go hang with his favorite puppy pals, running around like a maniac in a safe fully fenced yard at The Dogwood Pet Resort while >> I << got 3 work days a week that were virtually uninterrupted concentration.
The Dogwood also normally does Luka’s grooming and when we travel to visit family with kitties, Luka gets to have slumber parties there. (By the way, I have to also mention – just because it’s so cool – they also board cats who get to stay in an upper level that has glass windows that let them look down into the lobby but also windows that let them watch fish tanks and birds!)

This is a family owned business just 2 minutes from my house that I wholeheartedly want to support. But my sales have slowed down considerably (insert screeching tires sound here) so between that and concerns over the spreading virus in our state, I had to stop taking Luka there on the regular, despite the business being ruled essential enough to remain open for the boarders they already had and for daycare.

I was thrilled to see they were selling t-shirts to fund-raise through this crisis so they can continue to pay their excellent staff (which include former vet-techs, groomers and dog trainers), amidst the mass kenneling cancellations and temporary ceasing of grooming. The shirt was meant to be their logo ( a beautiful watercolor painting of an aerial view of their business) but the shirts are being printed in 1 single color so much of their logo was not showing up – the entire middle of the logo was showing t-shirt where it should have shown the art – So I offered to work up a cute design for the fundraiser to help them offer a shirt people would actually want to wear … If you would like to wear this KiniArt designed shirt, support an animal-loving, family-owned, pet-service businesses, I invite you to order one for yourself. The #WhidbeyStrong campaign pays the funds raised to the various small businesses weekly, and will be processing all the orders as soon as WA state’s governor gives the all-clear.

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